Add Anti-Virus Evidence

Step 1: Get list of personnel

Get the list of personnel in Drata and filter it by anti-virus compliance. This will give you a list of all personnel in Drata that are not compliant for having anti-virus installed. Choose a personnel that you’d like to upload evidence for and take note of their personnel ID.


Step 2: Get Device ID

For the personnel ID you selected above, get their details and take note of the device ID you want to upload evidence for.


Step 3: Attach file for that device

For the device ID you selected above in Step 2, attach a file for evidence of anti-virus.


Step 4: Confirm upload has updated personnel’s compliance

To confirm the upload has updated the personnel’s compliance, get the personnel’s details from Drata.


Step 5: Repeat for each personnel failing anti-virus compliance

Repeat above with all the personnel failing anti-virus compliance you identified in step 1.